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Linux is an open-source operating system that can improve your company’s data security and save money on software costs. Currently, Linux serves as the operating system for various devices, including smartphones, computers, internet-enabled televisions, and cars.

What is Linux, and what does it do? Linux is an operating system that allows software and hardware to communicate, enabling the software to perform desired functions. Since Linux is open-source, you can modify the operating system as needed and distribute copies of it without licensing restrictions.

Why does your team need to learn Linux now?

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  • Reduced business costs for years of operation: Consider the expenses of your company’s current operating system. Typically, a new hire needs a computer, along with a new operating system, to begin working. Every few years, operating system manufacturers release new versions of their operating systems. Rather than paying for each generation of operating systems and buying licenses for new users, your team can learn how to use an operating system that remains free with our live in-person or live online team Linux training.
  • Ease of use: Once users learn how to navigate Linux, many find the operating system simple to use. It’s customizable, enabling your business to create the most optimized version of Linux for everyone to use. Your team will gain the skills and infrastructure knowledge to complete tasks more efficiently, increasing productivity.
  • Better security: Linux tends to have more robust security measures with fewer instances of malware and spyware targeting its users. You’ll also find that you can easily remove viruses that manage to infiltrate any devices. This ease of virus removal translates to fewer concerns over data security and reassuring internal and external clients and stakeholders that their information remains safe.
  • More reliable operating system: Linux tends to have fewer crashes while requiring fewer reboots to continue functioning at optimal levels. A more stable computer means that your team can perform more tasks in a day without being slowed down by forced restarts or malfunctioning software.

Our Linux training programs are scalable and flexible.  Whether you prefer an off-the-shelf training program or tailored to your specific needs such as customization to your budget, skill levels, timelines, intended outcomes, calendars, and size of class… we are at-the-ready to take things off your desk before, during, and after the training program.

We can have training programs coordinated for you within minutes (not days, weeks, or months).  Request a quote today and let’s get started!

Here’s a checklist of flexible and scalable training options to choose from:

  • Training Delivery Alignment Options
    • Live online
    • Live in-person
  • Training Content Alignment Options
    • Customized
    • “Off-the-shelf”
  • Training Team Size Alignment Options
    • One-on-one training
    • Small team training
    • Large team training
    • Organization-wide training
    • Project-based training
  • Training Skill Level Alignment Options
    • General understanding overview
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Training Time Commitment Alignment Options
    • Hourly programs
    • Half-day programs
    • Full-day programs
    • Multi-day programs
    • Boot camp programs
    • Continuous learning journey programs
  • Training Employee Stage Alignment
    • New Hire and Onboarding training programs
    • Upskilling training programs
    • Reskilling training programs
    • Mentoring, Consulting, and/or Coaching
  • Training Cutting-Edge Needs Alignment
    • Plug into an existing program to compliment what you already have in motion
    • Establish a new training program to get a new one launched

We can have Linux training programs coordinated for you within minutes (not days, weeks, or months).  Request a quote today and let’s get started!

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We Provide Solutions to Common (Training)  Problems:

  • Need More Resources/Teammates? 
    • “Go team!” We bring a team to help you as an extension of you and your organization. Your teammates include…
      1. Industry Thought Leader & Trusted Advisor
      2. Client Success Manager
      3. Training Program Manager
      4. Project Manager
      5. Expert Trainer(s)
  • Need More Time?
    • “Watch!” We can take all training tasks off your desk. You don’t have to worry about a thing; we are an extension of you, your team, and your organization. We help set a training and skill development goal, then handle the strategy, coordination, execution (trainers, materials, content, reporting) and measurable results. Training attendees walk away from training with the ability to immediately use what they learned; including leveraging new tools.
  • Need More Budget?
    • “Makes sense/cents!” Because our programs are flexible and scalable, so is our pricing. You’ll be surprised how reasonable our prices are compared to (a) the opportunity cost of your internal resources or (b) compared to the external “other guys”/our competition. We beat competitive pricing all day long.
  • Need Decision-Making Authority?
    • “Deal!” Allow us to help you build your business case to prove why you need this training, why now, and the ROI impact it will have.

Top 10 Training Outcomes

  1. Boost job satisfaction, morale, and motivation
  2. Streamline efficiencies in processes, and time saved
  3. Adopt new technologies and methods
  4. Catapult innovation in strategic and tactical execution
  5. Swifter decision making
  6. Reduce employee turnover
  7. Even the playing field within the organization
  8. Stay ahead of the competition
  9. Energize teamwork, collaboration, and engagement
  10. Ongoing training is a talent recruiting differentiator
  11. (Bonus Outcome) Saving IT team time, resources, budget

Request a quote today.  We can have training coordinated for you in minutes (not days, weeks, or months!)

What is Linux?

Linux is an open-source operating system that receives requests from other software on a computer and relays those requests to the computer’s hardware. An operating system’s job is to manage a computer’s basic operations, like displaying characters on the screen and determining which keys a user is pressing on the keyboard. The operating system handles all of these tasks so that applications do not have to. Linux is similar to operating systems like Windows and iOs. However, as it is open-source, the code used to create Linux is available to the public to use and develop. Linux is highly customizable, allows users to choose core components, and is known for being high-security.

What is Unix?

Like Linux, Unix is an operating system. It is one of the oldest and most widely-used softwares available, having originated in the 1960s. It is a multi-user system through which resources can be shared by different users. Unix allows each user to execute multiple processes simultaneously and provides hierarchical file structure, which allows easier access to and maintenance of data. Unlike Linux, the source code for Unix is proprietary. It can be used as the master control program in workstations and servers.

Who needs to learn Linux and Unix?

Linux and Unix classes are for:

  • Systems administrators
  • Engineers
  • IT personnel
  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • Web developers
  • Game designers
  • Educators


What you can create:

Linux and Unix have a range of uses, including the following:

  • Safeguarding computers against cybersecurity threats
  • Setting up firewalls
  • Web browsing
  • Webhosting
  • Automation
  • Photo management and editing
  • OS customization
  • Installing applications and other types of software

Earning potential and career options

Unix and Linux are commonly used in high-grossing careers. Examples include:

Linux engineer – $110,762

Unix engineer – $109,437

Network security engineer – $108,884

Unix administrator – $99,397

Cybersecurity analyst – $96,589

IT manager – $89,352

Systems administrator – $84,541

IT technician – $74,391

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    About our dedicated Linux and Unix educators

    At Skill Developers, our team of IT experts deliver comprehensive training programs via virtual labs. Contact us today to add Linux and/or Unix to your skillset and begin your journey towards becoming a more competitive job candidate.

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