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What is DevOps?

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Rather than a technology or process, DevOps refers to a set of practices that work to automate and integrate the processes between IT and software development teams. This enables them to more efficiently built, test, and release software. The term “DevOps” is a combination of the words “development” and “operations.” DevOps engineers deploy high-quality code faster and establish high-level collaboration.

DevOps is one of the most modern trends in the world of software development. Development teams need to be able to work with operations staff to ensure all software is working optimally. DevOps helps these teams generate better, more reliable code faster. More and more teams connected with software development are making use of DevOps, which has created a widespread need for DevOps professionals.

Who needs to learn it?

DevOps classes are for:

  • DevOps engineers
  • IT specialists
  • Software developers
  • System administrators
  • Cybersecurity personnel
  • Quality assurance specialists
  • Automation experts

What you can create:

DevOps training courses provide practitioners with a strong comprehension of common system architecture, provisioning, and administration. DevOps careers require experience with giving and receiving code reviews, source control, and the traditional developer toolset. DevOps education enables job candidates to build and deploy application code and maintain servers, storage, and networking resources required to host applications. It provides collaborative management skills and familiarity with system architecture and provisioning.

Earning potential and career options

DevOps solutions for software teams are in high demand. Some associated careers and their average salaries include:

Software architect – $137,990

DevOps engineer – $124,445

Software engineer – $107,871

Cybersecurity specialist – $103,180

Systems administrator – $84,541

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    DevOps is a modern management philosophy that is helping software teams create better code faster and more efficiently. At Skill Developers, we offer DevOps courses that will increase your skillset and make you a more well-rounded job candidate with higher earning potential. Contact us today to begin a course in DevOps taught by industry experts via our virtual labs.

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