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Skill Developers is a Corporate Training Company 


But we are different.
How are we different? … We take things off your desk.
We go beyond satisfying your need for skill development, upskilling, and reskilling — we act as an extension of you, your team, your organization, your mission, and those you serve to establish or enhance your training and learning & development outcomes.

Our approach and methodology honed over 20 years takes things off your desk by managing all skill development best-practice strategies & tactics before, during, and after the training program… while proving impact and ROI along the way; allowing you to focus on your job and more time for work/life balance.

By partnering with us, you can expect (a) Premier customer service, (b) Proactive thought leadership, (c) Training & Workforce Development Expertise, and (d) Measurable results.

We have over 300 customizable training programs to choose from.
Current hot-topic training areas that our clients are taking advantage of include:

  • Leadership Training & Professional Development Training such as Managing to Leading, Embracing Change, Diversity, Developing Culturally Competent Leaders, Team Efficiency, Transforming Unconscious Bias, Virtual Leadership, Project Management, and more
  • Technology Training such as Cybersecurity & Security, Machine Learning/AI, Big Data/Data Science/Analytics, Cloud, Programming & Development, Web Development, Mobile Development, DevOps, Service Management, Linux & Unix, Agile/Scrum, Python, Java, and more
  • Project Management TrainingFundamentals of Project Management, Fundamentals for IT Project Management, Change Readiness for Project Managers, Product Management for Project Managers, Time Management for Project Manage
  • Microsoft Office Product Training such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Access, OneNote, Publisher, and more

Each instructor led live in-person and/or live online training program can be customized to your organization’s goals, timelines, skill levels, systems, processes, and budgets.
We can have training programs coordinated for you in hours (not days, weeks, or months.)

Let’s chat.
We can share how we are helping others just like you and begin taking things off your desk today.

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Insight into our Concierge Service: What is included in the price

Skill Developers manages all strategies and tactics before, during, and after your training program; while showing impact & ROI along the way.


  1. Trainer Rate
  2. Training Content
  3. Pre-Class Discovery Call with the Instructor
  4. Pre-Class call with the Students and Instructor (purpose is to meet the trainer and a deeper-dive review of the objectives, topics, and what you will learn and be in position to apply immediately to your job, team, and organization).
  5. Course customization (as long as we are moving modules.  Developing new content would be an added price.)
  6. Course Evaluation:  Mid-class
  7. Course Evaluation:  End-of-class
  8. Reporting: Evaluation executive summary
  9. Training Certificate
  10. IT Support: Platforms, Virtual Labs for students, etc.
  11. Training Program Project Management before, during, and after the training program
  12. Administrative Support before, during, and after the training program (examples:  student calendar invitations, lunch orders, material distribution, and more)

Training Menu of Options – With over 300 training programs to choose from, here is a sample of our flexible and scalable mix & match training options:

  • Training Delivery Alignment Options
    • Live online
    • Live in-person
  • Training Content Alignment Options
    • Customized
    • “Off-the-shelf”
  • Training Team Size Alignment Options
    • One-on-one training
    • Small team training
    • Large team training
    • Organization-wide training
    • Project-based training
  • Training Skill Level Alignment Options
    • General understanding overview
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Training Time Commitment Alignment Options
    • Hourly programs
    • Half-day programs
    • Full-day programs
    • Multi-day programs
    • Boot camp programs
    • Continuous learning journey programs
  • Training Employee Stage Alignment
    • New Hire and Onboarding training programs
    • Upskilling training programs
    • Reskilling training programs
    • Mentoring, Consulting, and/or Coaching
  • Training Cutting-Edge Needs Alignment
    • Plug into an existing program to compliment what you already have in motion
    • Establish a new training program to get a new one launched

Simple Solutions to Common Problems:

  • Need More Resources/Teammates? 
    • Go team. We bring a team to help you as an extension of you and your organization. Your teammates include…
      1. Industry Thought Leader & Trusted Advisor
      2. Client Success Manager 
      3. Training Program Manager 
      4. Project Manager
      5. Expert Trainer(s)
  • Need More Time
    • Watch. We can take all training tasks off your desk. You don’t have to worry about a thing; we are an extension of you, your team, and your organization. We help set a training and skill development goal, then handle the strategy, coordination, execution (trainers, materials, content, reporting) and measurable results. Training attendees walk away from training with the ability to immediately use what they learned; including leveraging new tools. 
  • Need More Budget? 
    • Makes sense/cents. Because our programs are flexible and scalable, so is our pricing. You’ll be surprised how reasonable our prices are compared to (a) the opportunity cost of your internal resources or (b) compared to the external “other guys”/our competition. We beat competitive pricing all day long.
  • Need Decision-Making Authority? 
    • Deal. Allow us to help you build your business case to prove why you need this training, why now, and the ROI impact it will have.

Our Approach and Methodology – Streamlining Your Training Program Launch


We take things off your desk before, during, and after the training program!

Our collaborative and consultative approach follows a 6-Step Methodology honed over 20 years which takes things off your desk and accelerates the training launch process; allowing you to focus on your job and lets us manage the training, upskilling, reskilling, and learning & development strategies and tactics for you and your stakeholders. While having fun doing it along the way too!


ROI – Return On Your Training Investment


How we help clients measure & prove outcomes, impact, and ROI of your training program:

You are unique, and so are we. 

  • Good news:  There are many effective ways to measure and prove training ROI.
  • Bad news:  There are many effective ways to measure and prove training ROI (this is not a duplicate sentence misprint). There is no one-size-fits-all way to measure training ROI. 

While there are a variety of different evaluation models to choose from (such as Kirkpatrick, Phillips, etc.), the fundamental areas of measurements are the same, such as:

  1. What are the goals and expectations of the training?
  2. Was the training successful?
  3. What did the attendees learn?
  4. Did the attendees apply what they learned in-the-job? (Soft skills and Hard skills.)
  5. What was the impact across the organization? 
  6. Was the training a positive investment?
  7. Did the training offer value for money?
  8. Could the training be improved?

What we do to help take things off your plate and prove training ROI:

  • Proposal/RFP/RFI stage:
    • We can help you build your business case to secure the intended budget, time, and resources required for skill development impact.  
  • Before the training program:  
    • We help you develop and align your ROI metrics to organizational goals to gain buy-in where needed within your organization.
  • During the training program
    • We provide real-time attendee performance and satisfaction metrics; as we are flexible and scalable to make training adjustments on-the-fly if needed.
  • After the training program
    • We provide reporting per the collaborative ROI metrics aligned to organizational goals. 
  • Monthly or quarterly status check-ins:
    • We provide an ongoing consultative approach to ensure the outcomes, impact, and ROI of your training program are meeting expectations and/or exceeding expectations.


Top 10 Training Outcomes

  1. Boost job satisfaction, morale, and motivation
  2. Streamline efficiencies in processes, and time saved
  3. Adopt new technologies and methods
  4. Catapult innovation in strategic and tactical execution
  5. Swifter decision making
  6. Reduce employee turnover
  7. Even the playing field within the organization
  8. Stay ahead of the competition
  9. Energize teamwork, collaboration, and engagement
  10. Ongoing training is a talent recruiting differentiator
  11. (Bonus Outcome) Saving IT team time, resources, budget

About the Founder & CEO


As Founder and CEO of Skill Developers LLC, Jeff Samay is responsible for guiding all facets of the business and helping clients meet their skill development goals. Jeff has over 23 years of learning & development and corporate training experience with expertise in areas of establishing long term relationships, providing high quality customer service, and driving client growth. Because investing in employees and their skill development is critical to the success of all businesses, Jeff has guided the strategic and tactical execution of training programs within various small, medium, and large organizations with industry expertise in areas such as technology, mortgage, banks, higher education, aerospace, defense, information security, and government organizations; and within training categories such as Leadership Training, Technology Training, Microsoft Office Training, and more.

Caring about others and helping people is at the core of who Jeff is; which is why Skill Developers and its company culture thrives at helping individuals, teams, organizations, and those they serve advance their lives and careers. For example, he and Skill Developers started and continues to offer a 100% free training program during the pandemic where anyone can attend to learn tips & tricks, a new skill set, prepare for a certification, prepare for a new job, or expand their knowledge to get things done with high levels of efficiency (such as Free Microsoft Office products training — Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, Word, OneNote, etc).

Skill Developers exudes a client-centric, family first, work-hard-while-having-fun-doing-it culture… because life is way too short not to enjoy every day, and improve while smiling along the way.

Jeff gains stability and inspiration from his wife and 2 daughters. In his spare time, he enjoys biking, sports, and cheering on all Pittsburgh sports!