ALL Employees Across ALL Organizations Need Ongoing IT Training to be Successful

What is IT Training?

IT training is education that targets Information Technology (IT), a broad term that covers instruction relating to the internal processes that businesses rely on to operate. There is no single industry that needs IT training more than others. In fact, organizations across virtually all industries can benefit tremendously from upskilling their workforces via IT training.

Why IT Training?

IT training is critical for organizations that expect to be able to compete in modern markets. Business is becoming increasingly digital-first, which means workers and leaders need to adapt. IT skills, to varying degrees, are ubiquitous, and companies that do not train their workforces risk falling by the wayside. IT training and upskilling provides an immeasurable number of benefits to businesses of all sizes. It can be used to improve employee and organizational performance, increase company growth and retention rates, develop efficient teams, build strong workplace culture, generate better outcomes and address internal weaknesses that are holding the company back. It is also compulsory for strong managers and leaders that want to accelerate their companies into the future.

Risks of Not Including IT Training in Your Development Strategy

In 2019, global spending on employee training reached $370.3 billion. CEOs and business leaders are investing in IT training for their workforces at a constantly increasing rate. This means that a workforce that does not have the modern IT skills it needs will quickly fall behind competitors. Organizations that do not use the tools available to them to become faster, better, smarter, and stronger are rapidly becoming obsolete. It is imperative for all businesses, regardless of size or industry, to provide IT training to staff at all levels on an ongoing basis.

Technology never slows down. There are constantly newer, better software products making business quicker, more effective, and more accurate. Threat actors are constantly attempting to access sensitive data. Businesses must be prepared for and all cybersecurity risks through trained employees who will know how to spot a cybersecurity threat and be ready when an incident occurs. Those that do not invest in developing their workforces and fortifying their leaders run a major risk of lacking fundamental skills for competing in modern and future markets.

Off-the-Shelf or Customized?

IT training courses can either be customized to the needs of an individual workforce or purchased off-the-shelf. Pre-designed courses may be quick and convenient, but one size certainly does not fit all when it comes to outfitting employees with critical IT skills. These courses may be rigid, time-consuming, or even out-of-date, given the ever-changing nature of technology. It is best to work with an IT training vendor that will collaborate with you and your employees to design and deliver flexible, comprehensive IT training programs instructed by accredited educators.

How Courses are Delivered:

  • Live online/virtual
  • Live in-person
  • Guaranteed to run schedule

Who Needs IT Training?

Anybody can benefit from ongoing IT training, whether they’re just starting out looking for a new career or managing a large organization. IT skills are fundamental for any skilled and competitive professional. As more and more industries adapt to the major advantages associated with integrating software and IT products, the need for honed IT skills increases as well. Those lacking IT skills are rapidly losing access to career and advancement opportunity, as the demand for workers with comprehensive IT skills is constantly growing and will continue to grow into the future.

IT Training Courses Are For:

  • Stronger Employees and Leaders – There are many different types of IT training courses, some of which are more useful for certain careers than others. However, IT training of all kinds builds sharper, formidable, multi-talented individuals that can collaborate more efficiently and contribute to stronger teams. Trained employees can spend their time effectively, rather than trying to teach themselves complicated software programs. Skills in IT can also help to accelerate workers through the ranks within their organization or industry and develop the skills they need to become leaders. IT education is a journey that does not end with the completion of a course. New technology is constantly accelerating the way we do businesses, so it is important for workers to stay ahead of the curve through regular IT training.
  • Small, Medium, and Large Organizations – Organizations of any size can benefit from providing IT training to all members of their workforces. Depending on objectives, training can help smaller businesses grow or help larger ones attract and develop talent and enhance operations. Providing IT training to all members of the staff can help build an equitable workforce that can collaborate more efficiently and generate quality outcomes. It will also alleviate the burden on IT teams, which can then free up their time for more productive tasks. To be a strong leader in the modern world, IT skills are essential. Managers, CIOs, CFOs, and other upper-level personnel must continue IT training on a regular basis in order to best serve the interests of the organization and set a strong example for employees.

What You Can Create:

There are various IT training courses available that target different software and levels of skill. Some general examples of things you can create with IT training include:

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Reports
  • Machine learning
  • Workflow automation
  • Databases
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Diagrams
  • Videos and photo editing
  • Educational materials
  • Video games

Earning Potential and Career Opportunities

The following are examples of careers that often require IT skills in addition to their average salaries:

  • Web developer – $73,301
  • Project manager – $76,42
  • Application developer – $84,399
  • Software engineer – $104,327
  • Data scientist – $119,453

IT Training Course Options

  • Microsoft suite
  • Application development
  • Web development
  • Python
  • AWS
  • Cloud
  • Java/JavaScript
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • Mobile development
  • Kotlin

Recommended Training

For CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CLOs:

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Teams, OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals

For All Employees:

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Teams, OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Web development
  • Project Management

For IT Employees:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Big Data
  • Python

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