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Demand Analysis

The world is changing rapidly; technology and the internet are streamlining the way business is done across all industries. Accordingly, your workforce needs to be able to keep up in order to compete and reap the benefits of the most modern and efficient tools and software. Skill Developers is here to help educate your employees with IT training that can be modified to any skill level or schedule.

The first step is identifying a skill gap in your current workforce. There are multiple ways to analyze that gap:

  • Organization skill gap analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Person skill gap analysis
  • Training suitability analysis
  • Work analysis / task analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Performance analysis

IT training is necessary, regardless of industry, as business becomes increasingly more reliant on technology. Skill Developers can help you with these analyses and determine the individual needs of your workforce, with the goal of modernizing your team and ensuring your business is operating on the most efficient level possible.

Skilly Dee, Skill Developers' mascot, on Skill Developers' website


At Skill Developers, we work around your schedule and develop a plan to serve the unique needs of your organization. We will help you create a tailor-made training approach through an assessment, through which we determine the following:

  • The type of training required
  • Number of employees that need to be trained
  • Type of training platforms– in-person, remote or web-based
  • Duration of the training
  • Follow-up requirements for the trainee
  • Available dates for the training


Once the assessment is complete, Skill Developers will create a comprehensive training plan consisting of the following:

  • Selecting the most suitable educators and IT trainers for your needs
  • Arranging your training platform and location
  • Developing a schedule based on your availability
  • Planning follow-ups for your trainees
  • Working within your budgetary guidelines
Skilly Dee, Skill Developers' mascot, on Skill Developers' website


Once you have approved our custom-made plan, we’ll start working on all of the logistics so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We welcome and encourage your comments and concerns – we’re here to design a plan that fits into your daily life and your organization’s schedule.


Once we’ve developed your plan, our professionals will deliver IT and employee training programs that prioritize the following:

  • Readily available comprehensive learning materials
  • All necessary software and platform access
  • Communicative educators and staff who are always
    available to answer questions and provide guidance
  • Appropriate certifications, depending on courses and plans
  • Trainee follow-ups to ensure an effective educational process