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Course Skill Level:

Foundational to Intermediate

Course Duration:

5 day/s

  • Course Delivery Format:

    Live, instructor-led.

  • Course Category:

    Linux & Unix

  • Course Code:


Who should attend & recommended skills:

System Administrators familiar with the AIX Operating System with basic AIX commands, directory structure, & text editor experience

Who should attend & recommended skills

  • System Administrators who are already familiar with the AIX Operating System, but desire more detailed and specialized information as listed below. (This course is a follow-on to AIX System Administration Lite, which contains an overview of system administration topics, but does not go into the level of detail that this course does.)
  • AIX commands: Basic (1-2 years’ experience)
  • Directory structure: Basic (1-2 years’ experience)
  • Text editor: Basic (1-2 years’ experience)
  • Working as a system administrator for approximately 4 to 8 weeks for greatest value

About this course

This AIX System Administration I course is more detailed than AIX System Administration Lite and will provide the experience necessary for attendees to configure and manage a typical AIX system in a standalone environment. Selection based on customer preference. Available shells are Korn, Bash, Bourne, and C shell. Available editors are vi, vim, pico, and emacs.
AIX System Administration II is the follow-up to this course.

Skills acquired & topics covered

  • Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  • Configure and manage a typical AIX system in a standalone environment

Course breakdown / modules