What is Professional Development?

Professional development refers to the continued education and training of a workforce or individual regarding their career. The purpose of professional development is to keep workers up-to-date on current trends and modern technology, as well as to develop new skills for advancement in the field. Professional development is required in some industries due to how rapidly modern technology evolves.

Because professional development is a concept that applies to countless industries, educational programs are structured differently. It is an important way employers and business owners can keep their workforces ahead of the curve and help them adapt to new technology. Investing in sharpening the skills of individual workers is a mutually beneficial decision that helps grow businesses and strengthen workforces of all types and sizes.

Who needs to learn it?

Professional development classes are for:

  • People looking to advance in their fields
  • People looking to change careers
  • Business owners
  • Project managers
  • Web developers
  • Digital marketers
  • Graphic designers
  • Law professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Engineering professionals
  • Journalists/writers
  • Business developers
  • Government workers

Earning potential and career options

Professional development is important in virtually every field that uses any form of technology. It is designed to make workers more versatile and supply them with the skills they need to compete. Professional development can help job seekers go from entry-level to top-tier managers in whichever field they choose. Some examples include:

Software engineering manager – $152,551

Engineering manager – $128,276

DevOps engineer – $124,261

Application engineer – $98,640

IT project manager – $98,843

Marketing director – $96,649

Consulting manager – $96,311

IT manager – $89,090

Project manager – $85,150

Business manager – $73,333

Web manager – $63,402

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