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Programming in C#

  • Course Code: Programming & Development - Programming in C#
  • Course Dates: Contact us to schedule.
  • Course Category: Programming and Development Duration: 4 Days Audience: Experienced programmers in Java, C, C++, or other programming language.

Audience:  Experienced programmers in Java, C, C++, or other programming language. 

Level:  100

Length: 4 days


This course is designed to introduce new and experienced programmers to the C# language and developing applications using Visual Studio™ and the .Net platform.  After taking this course, the student will be ready to write simple programs and libraries, as well as support existing C# applications.  This course utilizes rich hands-on exercises to immerse the student from the beginning to the end. 


  • Introductions 
  • Overview of C#, .Net, and Visual Studio 
  • C# Basics 
    • Basic Syntax  
    • Data Types 
    • Program Flow (loops, conditionals) 
    • Functions 
  • Data Structures 
    • Structures 
    • Enumerations 
    • Classes 
    • Arrays 
  • Object-Oriented C# Features 
  • Basics of Object-Orientation 
  • Classes and objects 
    • Properties 
    • Fields 
    • Functions 
  • Aggregation/Uses 
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism 
  • Abstract Classes 
  • Interfaces 
  • Exceptions 
    • Throwing  
    • Catching 
    • Custom Exceptions 
  • Getting to know the .Net framework 
    • I/O classes 
    • Collections 
    • Dates, Times, and Time zones 
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