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Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

  • Course Code: Catalogs - Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
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  • Course Category: Leadership Duration: 1 Days Audience: Managers and executives who have leadership roles in their organizations would benefit from this course.

As stated in the PMI Network Magazine: “Project leaders with high emotional intelligence inspire their team, connect with their peers and get the job done.” 

Skill Developers is offering a course on emotional intelligence and leadership. This course will emphasize the critical role that the “human relation” side of management plays in planning, execution and control of any project effort. True leadership is one of the most important characteristics in successfully executing projects. We will discuss how to build on your management expertise to enhance your success as a leader and improve your performance through the emotional intelligence. 

This course is highly interactive and adaptive to class interests and needs. Workshops, exercises and discussions are combined with course content to deliver knowledge that can be applied immediately by class participants. 

Duration: 1 Day 

8 PMI Professional Development Units 

Experience level: Intermediate to Advanced 

Audience: Managers and executives who have leadership roles in their organizations would benefit from this course. 


 Why both management and leadership matter to you 

 Gain insight into the power and influence positions in effective leadership 

 Your personal leadership style and when to adopt a new style 

 Adaptive leadership in relation to a project environment 

 Define emotional intelligence and hijacking 

 The link between emotional intelligence and leadership and crisis management 

 What you can do to improve your leadership capabilities 


  1. Leadership in Project Management 
  • Assess your own leadership styles 
  1. Overview of Emotional Intelligence (EI) 
  1. Areas that make up your EI 
  • The impact of emotions on behaviors of others 
  • Emotional hijacking and how to avoid it 
  • The science of emotional hijacking 
  1. Self-awareness and Control 
  • Self-talk and voices 
  • Assess your own M.O. 
  • Emotional triggers and what to look-out for 
  1. Assess our own Emotional Quotient (EQ) 
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