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Using IT Training to Provide Opportunities for Veterans

Every year, nearly 200,000 people leave military service and return to civilian life. Many service members have difficulty deciding on a brand new career path, especially if they have not earned a 2- or 4-year degree. However, many veterans may not realize that they already possess many of the skills that make for a strong IT professional due to their backgrounds in military training. IT training for veterans is a great way to create new opportunities and outfit stronger businesses with well-rounded leaders.

As communication, business, and education become more reliant on the internet, more careers with high earning potential are quickly developing. There is a great deal of demand for workers with computer skills, ranging from the ability to build and manage websites to creating applications and software. The possibilities are endless, making this an especially lucrative space for veterans.

Many tech jobs do not require advanced degrees, and organizations recognize the value of military training. Big tech companies and nonprofits prioritize working with veterans towards bridging the gap between experience and education. There is a wide range of options in terms of IT training for veterans available, both in-person and online. Adding high-demand tech skills to your resume will undoubtedly make you a more competitive job candidate across a multitude of industries.

The Benefits of IT Training for Veterans

Mobility and Earning Potential

Opportunities for job candidates with IT skills are increasing all of the time. Most people use the internet, whether to make retail purchases, go to school, sell their own products, or run entire companies. In fact, according to the DataReportal study illustrated below, there are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide as of October 2020.


Source: Statista

With the constantly increasing uses of the internet have also come a wealth of new career opportunities. A degree in a computer science field is not a prerequisite when it comes to the ability to create websites, and websites are in high demand. Regardless of industry, professionals need personal websites. Sharpening your basic web development skills will make you a viable candidate for a multitude of careers. From there, the possibilities are virtually endless. You’ll be able to branch out into any field with a need for IT, which is, at this point, almost all of them.

Because of the wide range of career opportunities associated with IT skills, earning potential is high. IT training for veterans is highly sought-after by employers, and reflects a willingness to continue to learn and adapt to the modern technology that is making the world a more connected and efficient place. According to Indeed, information technology salaries range from $72,000 to $120,000, not considering the virtually limitless range of possible applications for IT skills across industries. For example, the average salary for a cloud engineer in the U.S. is $118,000, $138,330 for a software architect, and $150,850 for a software engineering manager, all of which are viable career goals for professionals with IT skills.

Jump-Starting New Careers

Because many IT-related jobs do not require specific degrees, employers are often more focused on ability. Many require IT training and certifications, which can even be obtained through online educational programs. If you understand the foundational tools and can create dynamic websites, graphics, applications, and so forth, you will be prepared for a wide range of potential careers.

IT is particularly good choice for those with military background. Military training teaches soldiers to be disciplined, detail-oriented, and sharpens teamwork skills. These are qualities that translate well to IT careers. The need for computer skills is not going away; the e-commerce market is expected to each Because of this, building skills to pursue a career that requires IT training may come very naturally to many veterans looking to begin a new career post-service.

Veterans may already have some skills afforded by military service, such as knowledge of coding, server monitoring tools, integration, implementation, operating systems, and databases. Employers in the tech sector value these skills highly, as they make for an especially trainable candidate who could perform a range of IT jobs.

Financial Aid Resources

There are lots of resources available to veterans who wants to pursue their education after service.

  • The New GI Bill can be used to cover a substantial portion of tuition, stipends, and books at two- and four-year universities.
  • Operation Code is an organization that closes the gap in the GI Bill that excludes IT training for veterans. Membership is free to veterans and their spouses, and includes in-person and virtual assistance with obtaining resources for IT training.
  • Services like Apprenti and NPower can connect veterans with tech-related resources and opportunities.
  • IT training providers, such as Skill Developers, offer financial assistance to those looking to begin new careers in technology.

Best IT Education for Beginners

For veterans without previous experience in IT, it is best to start with a foundational, multi-purpose program that is easy to learn. The following are examples of approachable programs that are good for beginners and have a wide range of associated career opportunities:


Python is a programming language that is multi-use and easy to learn. It can be used to create websites and games, develop apps, software and graphics, and much more. Python is exploding in popularity and is currently one of the most widely used programming language for its flexibility and range of capability. Python developers are paid on average between $70,000 and $150,000 per year. Known for being efficient and easy to understand, Python is a great program for beginners looking to build new careers in IT. Some large software companies that use Python include Facebook, Google, Instagram, Netflix, and Spotify.


Another extremely popular programming language, Java is a beginner-friendly option for those interested in web or application development, data analysis, cloud engineering, graphic design, and much more. Java is a good foundational skill to learn for its variety of uses and flexibility. Java is an important tool in cloud development, which is rapidly accelerating in popularity and becoming a high-demand skill. Career options for people with Java skills range widely, including video game design, software engineering, and cloud development.


HTML (hypertext markup language) is one of the most foundational elements of the internet. It is absolutely critical to web development. HTML allows users to develop dynamic websites through code. As commerce becomes more reliant on the internet, demand for well-built websites is increasing. Creating and managing websites is an extremely useful skill. Career options for those with knowledge of HTML are extremely broad. HTML is easy to learn and approachable, making it a great place for beginners to start their IT education.

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