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The Power of Excel PivotTables – Masterclass

Course Details:

  • Class Start Date:

    Wednesday 7/26/2023

  • Class End Date:

    Wednesday 7/26/2023

  • Cost per Student:

    $ 225

  • One of the main improvements made to Excel in recent years is its capability to accumulate and to house an ever-growing data deposit. But the challenges go beyond amassing and managing an influx of data, they carry onto delivering meaningful summaries that aid us in reaching well-informed data-driven business decisions.

    Dubbed as Excel most powerful tool, PivotTables at first glance can be tricky and somewhat overwhelming, but that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. With a little understanding of simple data concepts and logical data structural designs, you will realize that PivotTables are truly one of the easiest tools to utilize, and that is where this course comes in play! It delivers on the promise to simplify through relatable analogies the idea behind PivotTables and their functionality.

    At completion, participants will have a deep understanding of PivotTables, as well as PivotCharts, and their working particulars.

    Learn how to clean and prepare the data, build the PivotTable and modify its layouts and summaries to suit your needs, and add visualizations to it all with PivotCharts.

Course Objectives

  • Data Ranges comparison to Data Tables
    • The advantage of one over the other
  • Data Cleanup and Preparation
    • Get your data ready for multiple summaries in a PivotTable
  • Data Structural Design Concepts
    • Learn about good practices and about avoiding common pitfalls
  • Building and working with PivotTables
    • Learn the specifics of where everything goes and gain control over the outcome
  • Deciphering and understanding the Data at Hand
    • Utilize PivotTables to translate your vision into reality

Course Content

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Excel and make data-driven business decisions with confidence? Join our latest training session on PivotTables and take your Excel skills to new heights!

PivotTables are Excel’s most powerful tool for summarizing and analyzing large data sets. Our course is designed to simplify PivotTables and make them easy to use, even if you’re a beginner.

By the end of this training, you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Learn how to clean and prepare data for effective analysis
  • Build PivotTables and customize layouts and summaries
  • Add visualizations with PivotCharts to enhance data insights

To maximize your learning experience, it’s important to have an intermediate-level knowledge of Excel. Familiarity with basic number formatting, formulas, sorting, filtering, and basic charting will ensure a smooth progression through the course.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ll cover:

  • Data List/Range vs. Data Table: Understanding the advantages
  • Data cleanup and preparation for effective analysis
  • Building PivotTables from different data sources
  • Mastering the four key areas of a PivotTable
  • Advanced techniques like calculated fields and built-in calculations
  • Designing PivotTables with customizable layouts and styles

Don’t miss this opportunity to become an Excel pro! Enroll in our PivotTable training today and take your data analysis skills to the next level.

Who should attend

PivotTable is an advanced topic that requires a certain level of comfort in Excel mastery. You do not need to be an expert at it, but an intermediate-level knowledge base is required to maximize on time and be able to advance through course topics. Please be in good command of the following:

  • Basic Number, Dates, and Worksheet Formatting
  • Writing Formulas and using Built-in Functions – Sum / Average / Max / Min / Count
  • Sorting and Filtering Data Lists
  • Basic understanding of Subtotals and Grouping
  • Basic Knowledge of Charts

These skills will allow us to focus on the big topics at hand and will minimize being sidetracked with the entry-level workings of Excel. Possession of these skills will ensure keeping the class flow going smoothly.

Module 1: Data List/Range vs. Data Table

Module 2: PivotTable Overview

Module 3: PivotTable Data

Module 4: PivotTable Creation

Module 5: PivotTable View and Design

Module 6: Slicers

Module 7: Calculated Fields

Module 8: Data Structure

Module 9: PivotTable Layout