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  • $ 1500

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  • Course Dates: 5/18/2023Course Duration: 1 DAYS
  • Course Category: Professional DevelopmentCourse Code: NWD21CS21M09

Course Objectives

  • Age, the different needs and satisfiers
  • Race, changing demographics and growth in the U.S.
  • Gender, the rising tide of women in education and work
  • Disabilities, higher education, and numbers
  • Sexual Orientation, important or not
  • Religion: the U.S. vs. the rest of the world

Course Content

The New Workforce, Diversity in the 21st Century – 1 Day Training Session
Thursday 5.18.2023 – 8:30am – 4:30pm EST
Cost Per Student: $1500

Understanding the changing workforce, needs and desires of the different age groups, skills and abilities of each sub-set, and managing for performance.

Who should attend

  • Those in any level of management seeking to increase their management skills for improved performance of their employees
  • Management: Basic (1+ years’ experience)