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Why Microsoft Office Training?

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There are over 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users worldwide, and more than 60 million businesses maintain monthly subscriptions to Office 365. Microsoft Office is an extremely popular tool that many businesses use, but often not to its fullest extent. Employees and managers frequently do not have the time, knowledge, or capability to teach themselves the many tools and features included in each application. Additionally, Microsoft regularly updates its programs, adding features like cloud integration to make applications accessible from more locations and enhance collaboration. Measurable outcomes associated with investing in expanding your workforce’s Microsoft skills include:

  • Improved accuracy, data, and reporting
  • Subscription models for scalable business growth
  • Seamless remote work adaptation and business continuity
  • Expanded file storage and sharing capabilities
  • Simplified virtual communication and stronger teams
  • Reduced capital spend on hardware, software, and other materials
  • Secure cloud storage and advanced security features

Leaders that invest in employees by providing access to the Microsoft Office suite must ensure that programs are being used to their maximum capability. These programs are powerful and enable teams to work faster and more collaboratively than ever. However, allowing skills to plateau can be a detriment, as competitors continue to train their workforces as more tools become available. Applications that are constantly evolving require users to evolve along with them. Microsoft Office training on an ongoing basis will help employees stay competitive and enable them to use the full range of tools available to them.

Risks of Not Including Microsoft Training in Your Development Strategy

Upskilling workforces is absolutely critical for businesses that want to remain competitive and make full use of the tools available to them. Many employees are familiar with Office programs but are not literate in their full spectrum of tools to enhance business processes. Workforces that do not train employees in the full scope of capabilities associated with Office products run the risk of rapidly falling behind competitors that use them to collaborate, generate quality visualizations and reporting, communicate, and achieve outcomes accurately and efficiently. Talented and skilled professionals want to work for organizations that are modern and can adapt to technological advancements that enable businesses to operate more efficiently. Attracting and retaining talent may be challenging for businesses that are not literate in and making full use of the programs within the Microsoft Office suit

Off-the-Shelf or Customized?

Every business is different, and therefore has a different set of educational needs. There are many pre-designed Microsoft Office training courses available. However, considering how often Microsoft updates and develops its programs, it is highly likely that these programs contain out-of-date information that could hinder a workforce by disseminating inaccurate information. Further, they are often rigid and allow little flexibility to accommodate a broad scope of learning styles. Fortunately, there are training vendors like Skill Developers that will tailor Microsoft Office education programs to an organization’s unique needs, working around scheduling and ensuring total comprehension and retention.

Earning Potential and Career Opportunities

The following are examples of careers that require up to date Microsoft Office skills and their average salaries:

  • Accountant – $57,294
  • Social worker – $59,083
  • Proposal writer – $64,321
  • Account executive – $65,221
  • Digital designer – $77,368
  • Sales executive – $89,487
  • Mechanical engineer – $89,526
  • Real estate agent – $92,350
  • Attorney – $94,663
  • Finance manager – $98,239
  • Software engineer – $104,108
  • Data engineer – $127,648
  • Loan officer – $182,084

View all Microsoft Office courses

Recommended Microsoft Office Training for CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CLOs:

  • Word – Cloud integration for distributing documents across large teams, collaboration tools, improved accessibility via OneDrive, time-saving auto-formatting tools
  • Teams – Access to data-driven insights, team leadership collaboration capabilities, video calling from multiple devices, scheduling and access to planner app
  • Excel – Data analysis capabilities, integration across multiple devices, metrics that allow for easy identification of issues affecting the business, streamlined organization of complex financial and inventory accounts, equation tools that measure project efficiency, financial projections and budgets

For All Employees:

  • Teams – Organized activity feeds, including mentions, messages, and to-do lists, integration with other Microsoft Suite applications, improved emailing and instant messaging experience
  • PowerPoint – Wide range of presentation tools, including visuals, audio, and animation, access to templates and graphics, collaboration across teams, time-saving automation options
  • Word – Document generation, templates for letterheads, cash memos, receipts, joining letters, bills, and various other accounts-management work, mail merge capabilities for sending documents to large groups of people, editing and educational capabilities, creation of books, articles, and newsletters
  • Excel – Calculation tools, data visualization capabilities, easy report generation and printing, access to numerous templates, spreadsheets for accessible and organized data

For IT Employees:

  • Excel – Data storage, automation of coding, data cleaning and transformation functions, tracking systems for different departments and operations, including workflow processes
  • Teams – Diagnostics logs, including desktop and debug logs, strong security fortification
  • OneNote – Real-time collaboration, secure information storage, handwritten notes scanning, integration across major operating systems and devices, multimedia support

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity applications distributed by Microsoft. These programs are intended for professional use and enable businesses to create documents, spreadsheets, accounting, reports, data visualizations, graphics, emails, and much more. Recent editions offer cloud integration, making them ideal for facilitating quick and efficient team collaboration. The eight core programs in the Microsoft Office suite are:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • Publisher
  • Teams
  • SharePoint

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