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What is Kotlin?

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Kotlin is a free, general-purpose programming language. Known for being beginner friendly, Kotlin combines object-oriented and functional programming features. It can be used almost everywhere Java is used, and is 100% compatible with existing Java frameworks. Kotlin is a concise and pragmatic language that is frequently used in Android development.

Kotlin is influenced by programming languages like:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Scala
  • Groovy
  • C#
  • Gosu


The official language of Android development, Kotlin is quickly becoming one of the most popular tools available. It is a readable, approachable language that PYPL ranks as the 12th most popular programming language with a high upward trend in 2020. Our Kotlin education courses provide students with valuable skills they will need to be competitive candidates for jobs in various technology sectors.

Who needs to learn it?

Kotlin courses especially approachable for people who are familiar with these languages. It is commonly used for cross-platform mobile, JavaScript, Android, and server-side development. One of the fastest-growing programming languages, Kotlin job postings have increased more than 1400% since 2017.

Kotlin classes are for:

  • Information technologists
  • iOS developers
  • Software engineers
  • Android engineers
  • Mobile developers

What you can create

  • Websites
  • Desktop applications
  • Mobile applications

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Earning potential and career options

Kotlin is a useful tool for those looking to start learning programming even if they do not have prior experience. It is used by organizations and businesses across industries, including Slack, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, and Uber. The following are some examples of jobs for which Kotlin training is beneficial and their average salaries:

Software engineering manager – $150,845

Mobile developer – $123,468

Full stack developer – $111,932

Application developer – $91,398

Web developer – $78,507

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