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The Business of Listening

  • Course Code: Catalogs - The Business of Listening
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  • Course Category: Leadership Duration: 1 Days Audience: Anyone working with others

Most people listen at less than a quarter of their capacity. We’re overwhelmed with information, pulled in different directions, and have usually not been taught the most essential listening skills. The truth is: the simple key to effective listening is wanting to be good at it, and anyone can do it. 


7 PMI Professional Development Units 7 IIBA Continuing Education Units 


  • Anyone working with others 


  • See how your style creates a bridge or a barrier 
  • Control emotional hot buttons 
  • Improve your listening attitude 
  • Use listening as a path to greater productivity 


  • Why Should You Listen? 
  • Four Key Elements of Good Listening 
  • Your Listening Style 
  • What’s Your Listening Attitude? 
  • Ten Tips for Tip-Top Listening 
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