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  • Course Code: Big Data - Redis
  • Course Dates: Contact us to schedule.
  • Course Category: Big Data & Data Science Duration: 3 Days Audience: This course is geared for those who wants to dive into real use cases including simple caching, distributed ad targeting, and more

Course Snapshot 

  • Duration: 3 days 
  • Skill-level: Foundation-level Redis skills for Intermediate skilled team members. This is not a basic class. 
  • Targeted Audience: This course is geared for those who wants to dive into real use cases including simple caching, distributed ad targeting, and more  
  • Hands-on Learning: This course is approximately 50% hands-on lab to 50% lecture ratio, combining engaging lecture, demos, group activities and discussions with machine-based student labs and exercises. Student machines are required. 
  • Delivery Format: This course is available for onsite private classroom presentation. 
  • Customizable: This course may be tailored to target your specific training skills objectives, tools of choice and learning goals. 

Redis introduces Redis and walks you through examples that demonstrate how to use it effectively. You’ll begin by getting Redis set up properly and then exploring the key-value model. Then, you’ll dive into real use cases including simple caching, distributed ad targeting, and more. You’ll learn how to scale Redis from small jobs to massive datasets. Experienced developers will appreciate lessons on clustering and internal scripting to make Redis easier to use. 

Working in a hands-on learning environment, led by our Redis expert instructor, students will learn about and explore: 

  • Redis expands on the key-value pattern by accepting a wide variety of data types, including hashes, strings, lists, and other structures. 
  •  It provides lightning-fast operations on in-memory datasets, and also makes it easy to persist to disk on the fly. Plus, it’s free and open source. 

Topics Covered: This is a high-level list of topics covered in this course. Please see the detailed Agenda below 

  • Redis from the ground up 
  • Preprocessing real-time data 
  • Managing in-memory datasets 
  • Pub/sub and configuration 
  • Persisting to disk 

Audience & Pre-Requisites 

This course is geared for attendees who want to learn how to scale Redis from small jobs to massive datasets and Written for developers familiar with database concepts 

Pre-Requisites:  Students should have  

  • Basic to Intermediate IT Skills 
  • No prior exposure to Redis or other NoSQL databases required.  
  • Appropriate for systems administrators comfortable with programming. 
  • Good foundational mathematics or logic skills 

Course Agenda / Topics 

  1. Getting to know Redisfree 
  • What is Redis? 
  • What Redis data structures look like 
  • Hello Redis 
  • Getting help 
  1. Anatomy of a Redis web application 
  • Login and cookie caching 
  • Shopping carts in Redis 
  • Web page caching 
  • Database row caching 
  • Web page analytics 
  1. Commands in Redis 
  • Strings 
  • Lists 
  • Sets 
  • Hashes 
  • Sorted sets 
  • Publish/subscribe 
  • Other commands 
  1. Keeping data safe and ensuring performancefree 
  • Persistence options 
  • Replication 
  • Handling system failures 
  • Redis transactions 
  • Non-transactional pipelines 
  • Performance considerations 
  1. Using Redis for application support 
  • Logging to Redis 
  • Counters and statistics 
  • IP-to-city and -country lookup 
  1. Service discovery and configuration 
  • Application components in Redis 
  • Autocomplete 
  • Distributed locking 
  • Counting semaphores 
  • Task queues 
  • Pull messaging 
  • Distributing files with Redis 
  1. Search-based applications 
  • Searching in Redis 
  • Sorted indexes 
  • Ad targeting 
  • Job search 
  1. Building a simple social networkfree 
  • Users and statuses 
  • Home timeline 
  • Followers/following lists 
  • Posting or deleting a status update 
  • Streaming API 
  1. Reducing memory use 
  • Short structures 
  • Sharded structures 
  • Packing bits and bytes 
  1. Scaling Redis 
  • Scaling reads 
  • Scaling writes and memory capacity 
  • Scaling complex queries 
  1. Scripting Redis with Lua 
  • Adding functionality without writing C 
  • Rewriting locks and semaphores with Lua 
  • Doing away with WATCH/MULTI/EXEC 
  • Sharding LISTs with Lua 
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