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Learning Alteryx

  • Course Code: Data Analysis / BI - Learning Alteryx
  • Course Dates: Contact us to schedule.
  • Course Category: Big Data & Data Science Duration: 3 Days Audience: This course is geared for experienced developers, analysts or others who wants to Implement a Business Intelligence solutions without any coding - by leveraging the power of the Alteryx platform

Course Snapshot 

  • Duration: 3 days 
  • Skill-level: Foundation-level Alteryx skills for Intermediate skilled team members. This is not a basic class. 
  • Targeted Audience: This course is geared for experienced developers, analysts or others who wants to Implement a Business Intelligence solutions without any coding – by leveraging the power of the Alteryx platform 
  • Hands-on Learning: This course is approximately 50% hands-on lab to 50% lecture ratio, combining engaging lecture, demos, group activities and discussions with machine-based student labs and exercises. Student machines are required. 
  • Delivery Format: This course is available for onsite private classroom presentation, or remote instructor led delivery, or CBT/WBT (by request). 
  • Customizable: This course may be tailored to target your specific training skills objectives, tools of choice and learning goals. 

Alteryx, as a leading data blending and advanced data analytics platform, has taken self-service data analytics to the next level. Companies worldwide often find themselves struggling to prepare and blend massive datasets that are time-consuming for analysts. Alteryx solves these problems with a repeatable workflow designed to quickly clean, prepare, blend, and join your data in a seamless manner. This course will set you on a self-service data analytics journey that will help you create efficient workflows using Alteryx, without any coding involved. It will empower you and your organization to take well-informed decisions with the help of deeper business insights from the data. Starting with the fundamentals of using Alteryx such as data preparation and blending, you will delve into the more advanced concepts such as performing predictive analytics. You will also learn how to use Alteryx’s features to share the insights gained with the relevant decision makers. To ensure consistency, we will be using data from the Healthcare domain throughout this course. The knowledge you gain from this course will guide you to solve real-life problems related to Business Intelligence confidently. Whether you are a novice with Alteryx or an experienced data analyst keen to explore Alteryx’s self-service analytics features, this course will be the perfect companion for you. 

Working in a hands-on learning environment, led by our Alteryx expert instructor, students will learn about and explore: 

  • Experience the power of codeless analytics using Alteryx, a leading Business Intelligence tool 
  • Uncover hidden trends and valuable insights from your data across different sources and make accurate predictions 
  • Includes real-world examples to put your understanding of the features in Alteryx to practical use. 

Topics Covered: This is a high-level list of topics covered in this course. Please see the detailed Agenda below 

  • Create efficient workflows with Alteryx to answer complex business questions 
  • Learn how to speed up the cleansing, data preparing, and shaping process 
  • Blend and join data into a single dataset for self-service analysis 
  • Write advanced expressions in Alteryx leading to an optimal workflow for efficient processing of huge data 
  • Develop high-quality, data-driven reports to improve consistency in reporting and analysis 
  • Explore the flexibility of macros by automating analytic processes 
  • Apply predictive analytics from spatial, demographic, and behavioral analysis and quickly publish, schedule 
  • Share your workflows and insights with relevant stakeholders 

Audience & Pre-Requisites 

This course is geared for attendees who wish to Implement a Business Intelligence solutions without any coding – by leveraging the power of the Alteryx platform 

Pre-Requisites:  Students should have  

  • developers with some knowledge of Alteryx and IT.  

Course Agenda / Topics 

  1. Getting Started with Alteryx 
  • Getting Started with Alteryx 
  • Installation and setup 
  • The Alteryx Designer architecture 
  • Introduction to Alteryx Designer 
  • An overview of the workflow configurations 
  • Exploring the Tool Palettes 
  • The Favorites tools 
  1. Workflow Optimization 
  • Workflow Optimization 
  • Resource optimization and speed processing 
  • Performance Profiling 
  • Connecting to data 
  • Alteryx file types 
  1. Data Preparation and Blending 
  • Data Preparation and Blending 
  • Data preparation 
  • Data cleansing 
  • Filtering 
  • Join and union 
  1. Writing Fast and Accurate Expressions 
  • Writing Fast and Accurate Expressions 
  • Formula 
  • Multi-Row Formula 
  • Multi-Field Formula 
  1. Transforming Data 
  • Transforming Data 
  • Transforming data 
  • Summarizing and aggregating data 
  • Running total 
  • Weighted average 
  1. Data Parsing Techniques 
  • Data Parsing Techniques 
  • Text to columns 
  • Converting strings to dates and dates to strings 
  • Regular expressions 
  1. Creating Data-Driven Custom Reports 
  • Creating Data-Driven Custom Reports 
  • Data Table 
  • Charting 
  • Reporting layout 
  • Sharing the report 
  1. Using Macros in Workflows 
  • Using Macros in Workflows 
  • Standard Macro 
  • Batch Macro 
  1. Sharing Your Insights 
  • Sharing Your Insights 
  • Alteryx Server 
  • Alteryx Analytics Gallery  
  1. Best Practices 
  • Best Practices 
  • The ultimate guide to workflow design 
  • Tips and tricks 
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