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Introduction to Kotlin

  • Course Code: Mobile Development - Introduction to Kotlin
  • Course Dates: Contact us to schedule.
  • Course Category: Kotlin Duration: 3 Days Audience: Developers who already know Java and Android or those wishing to learn the Kotlin Language

Introduction to Kotlin 


In response to Google’s Kotlin-first policy for Android, every team doing Android development needs to consider Kotlin. This three-day course is an in-depth introduction to the Kotlin language. This course is appropriate for developers who already know Java and Android or those wishing to learn the Kotlin Language. This course does not teach Android development fundamentals focusing rather on the Kotlin Language.  

After completing this course, students will be able to:  

  • Understand Kotlin language fundamentals 
  • Create Kotlin Classes and Objects 
  • Use Kotlin Generics 
  • Implement Concurrency with Coroutines 
  • Add Kotlin code to existing Android applications 
  • Use Kotlin APIs in Android 
  • Build an Android application entirely in Kotlin 

The 3-day course consists of a combination of instructor-led discussion and hands-on lab exercises for students.  

 Course Agenda Introduction to Kotlin 
Day Module Contents 
Day 1 Kotlin Overview History of Kotlin 
Why Kotlin? 
Characteristics of Kotlin 
Day 1 Variables and Data Types Mutable and Immutable Variables 
Types and Type Inference 
Type Conversion 
Day 1 Operators and Control Flow Operators 
Break and Continue 
Day 1 Null Safety The Problem with Java 
Safe Call Operator 
Elvis Operator 
Not Null Assertion 
Day 1 Object Orientation  Classes and Objects 
Construction and Initialization 
Getters and Setters 
Operator Overloading 
Day 2 Advanced Object Orientation Companion Objects 
Property References 
Function References 
Java-style Reflection 
Day 2 Extensions Extension Functions 
Nullable Receiver 
Extension Properties 
Day 2 Mixing Kotlin and Java Call Kotlin from Java 
Call Java from Kotlin 
Convert Java to Kotlin 
Null Safety and Java 
Day 2 Functions and Lambdas Higher Order Functions 
Function Types 
Day 2 Generics Variance and Covariance 
Type Projections 
Generic Functions 
Type Erasure 
Day 3 Collections Lists 
Day 3 More Collections Extension Functions 
Day 3 Concurrency Coroutines and Threads 
Shared Mutable State 
Day 3 Kotlin in Android Add Kotlin to an Existing Android App 
Create an app in Kotlin 
Debug and Run a Kotlin App 
Add Java to a Kotlin App 
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