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Getting Project Results without Authority

  • Course Code: Catalogs - Getting Project Results without Authority
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  • Course Category: Leadership Duration: 1 Days

Many projects fail because the project manager lacks sufficient control to keep things moving forward on the project. One of the causes for insufficient control may be Lack of Authority. Often projects are taken on in environments where the project manager has little formal authority. As the leader of your project, you must assume control, even if you don’t have the formal organizational authority. This course discusses ways to improve project success, address conflicts and get past the “project manager’s lament” of having limited authority. 

Duration: 1 day 

8 PMI Professional Development Units 

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced 


• Leadership vs. Management and how both influence authority
• What is authority and the sources of authority
• How EI, Personality types and Conflict management all play into authority
• Bring together PMI’s processes and technique for gaining control


  1. Overview 
  • What is project control 
  • How to gain control without formal authority 
  1. Control through influence 
  1. Gaining control through process 
  1. Using the PMI processes to assist in control 
  • Building control through planning 
  • Maintaining control during execution 
  • Tracking and monitoring for project control 
  • Using project closure to enhance control 
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