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Developing Applications in C#

  • Course Code: Programming & Development - Developing Applications in C#
  • Course Dates: Contact us to schedule.
  • Course Category: Programming and Development Duration: 4 Days Audience: This course is designed as a follow on to the Programming in C# course. Students familiar with basic C# syntax will benefit from this course


This course is designed as a follow on to the Programming in C# course.  Students familiar with basic C# syntax will benefit from this course 

Level:  200

Length: 4 days


This course is designed to take C# programmers to the next level with in-depth coverage of C# and .Net features for application development. In this course, the student will learn about robust programming concepts necessary to write and maintain quality applications.  In addition, the student will be introduced to database connectivity using ADO.Net as well as and introduction to Entity Framework.  This course is rich in hands-on opportunities (50%). 


  • Introductions 
  • Review of C# Basics 
  • Design Guidelines 
    • Conventions 
    • Class Design guidelines 
    • Exception Design guidelines 
    • Common Design Patterns 
  • Robust Classes 
    • Properties 
    • Functions 
    • Delegates 
    • Events 
  • Generics 
    • Generic Classes 
    • Generic Functions
    • Survey of Generics in the .Net Library 
  • Lambda Expressions & LINQ 
    • Using lambdas to generate a delegate 
    • Introduction to Language Integrated Query (LINQ) 
  • Reflection & Metadata
    • Reflections basics 
    • Attributes 
  • Resources & Globalization 
  • Basics of Threading 
    • Creating Threads 
    • Coordinating threads 
    • Overview of the task parallel library 
  • Basics of Database connectivity 
  • Connecting with ADO.Net 
  • Executing basic SQL commands 
  • RecordSet overview 
  • Introduction to Entity Framework 
    • Basic data context 
    • Simple class/table mapping 
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