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ADO.Net 3.5 – LINQ & Entity Framework

  • Course Code: Programming & Development - ADO.Net 3.5 - LINQ & Entity Framework
  • Course Dates: Contact us to schedule.
  • Course Category: Programming and Development Duration: 3-5 Days Audience: The successful student will have .Net development experience using C# or VB.Net

This course is designed to introduce developers to .Net database APIs, including ADO.Net, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), and the Enterprise Entity Framework.  Version 3.5 provides enhanced capabilities for developers to shorten development and increase performance.  This course provides an extensive, hands-on look at this technology 

Additionally, the instructor will cover the best practices of persistence frameworks and the architectural impact.  


The successful student will have .Net development experience using C# or VB.Net 

Length: 3-5 Days 


  • ADO.Net 3.5 
  • Overview of ADO.Net 
    • Data Providers 
    • Architecture of ADO.Net 
    • Using ADO.Net to query, insert, update, and delete data 
    • Using Transactions with ADO.Net 
    • Using DataSets to work with disconnected data 
    • Defining a DataSet and populating with queries 
    • Modifying a DataSet 
    • Updating a database from a DataSet 
  • LINQ 
    • Overview of LINQ 
    • Lambda expressions 
    • Querying data with LINQ 
    • Updating, Inserting, and Deleting with LINQ 
    • Using LINQ to SQL to query, modify, insert, and delete data 
    • Using Data Designer Tool in VS 2008 
    • Using attributes to map entities to tables 
  • Entity Framework 
    • Overview 
    • Querying data 
    • Modifying entities 
    • Synchronizing to/from the database 
    • Debugging 
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