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Prompt Engineering AI

Mastering Prompt Engineering for AI Models

Introduction to Prompt Engineering Prompt engineering is a crucial aspect of AI models, especially in generative systems like ChatGPT. It involves developing

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Image of two people fist-bumping in front of an American flag on Skill Developers' website. Threat Modeling

Using IT Training to Provide Opportunities for Veterans

Every year, nearly 200,000 people leave military service and return to civilian life. Many service members have difficulty deciding on

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Image of a person presenting to a room of seated people on Skill Developers' website

The Importance of IT Skill Development for Business Leaders

If you are a business leader and do not have an IT skill development plan in place, you may be

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Python graphic image on Skill Developers' website

Python 2 vs. 3: What are Some Current Changes to Python Programming?

Python 2 is grinding to a halt. As official support has ended, developers will have to use workarounds if they

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Image of a person's hands using a laptop with graphics on Skill Developers' website

How Python Education Can Advance Your Career

One of the most widely used programming languages, Python education is currently exploding in popularity. Major companies that operate online

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Image of two people talking at a desk on Skill Developers' website

How to Approach Your Manager to Ask for More IT Training

In an increasingly internet-dependent world, skills in IT are essential for workers across industries. Technology is constantly evolving, and people

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A woman at a desk working on a laptop and smiling on Skill Developers' website

Earning Potential & Career Opportunities with Python Education

Information technology is one of the most lucrative fields. As global commerce and industry becomes more reliant on the internet,

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